The night is weary

The night is weary

The night has had enough

No one cares to bother about it

No one cares to enjoy its beauty

To breathe in its cool freshness

To giggle at its windy stature

To love as its shadows sing of the hope

That the next dawn shall bring!


The night is weary

It has had enough of the look of misery

That everyone wears!

Either people are scurrying home

Or they are busy trying to keep their jobs

Some are even trying to keep on being alive

While some others are worried about

The deadlines that have to be met

When, sighs the night

They should have been enjoying

Lost in an embrace

Speculatively admiring the ocean sight

Or even recounting their views of the other realms

As they gaze at the blanket of stars

Yes, people, people of Earth

Should have been making the most out of the night!


The night feels useless, rejected

Old, worn and ugly

If only, if only it could fly away

It would have roamed across the oceans

It would have visited the millions of galaxies

It would have been the center of existence

But like the many men and women

Who worry about themselves

The night is bound to act

As per its set of duties

It can help it not

It has to be

Even if such makes it weary!


3 thoughts on “The night is weary

  1. VijayNair

    Excellent ! Deftly captures a ”mood” and an ”attitude”.The lines reflect a sense of ennui.

  2. suzette portes san jose

    night wails and seeks forever on a still heart that holds on without surrender
    only the moonlight can testify the tormented passion in hostile grip, beyond a conscious delusion
    night cries…buried and condemned from reality, commends the illusion that promised true entity


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