The Next Generation

( by Joan Wilson)

And Lord we have-they know we care
and in whose love we stand,
they come to us to ask for prayer
knowing we’ll lift our hands,
children are a heritage
and we know that full well,
we don’t want them out of Christ
your home,Lord we foretell,
all the generations
we bring my Lord to thee,
now and in the future
some that we may not see,
unto our children’s children
whatever year they’re at,
we know not when you’ll come Dear One
but we want them too at that,
comfort with the coming of
Jesus Christ our Lord,
Our King our only Saviour
God bring all on board,
stir up the heart strings
of all who hear of thee,
especially these for whom we pray
now and eternally.

5 thoughts on “The Next Generation

  1. Nalini srivastava

    A beautiful poem with faith in Lord Almighty.I couldn’t agree more especially when I see the problems,troubles awaiting our children and sometimes their erroneous ways which make us pray harder

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