The Molehill

Once there was nothing here except a molehill
Children flung half-eaten stolen mangoes at
Mole-shadows. But then a sharp soul-searching smell

Incensed the wind. Out of nowhere, an idol
Face-scratched, made of stone, excavated itself
And sacred words, dragged struggling, bid farewell

To the bookshelf to be thrown among man-gods:
An instant fable burrowed night and day through
A mountain of disbelief, throwing up crowds,

Prophylactic chants, wombs dying to be healed,
And sun-defying souls waiting in time’s queue
With folded prayers hermetically sealed.

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I retired as Associate Professor, Department of English, Government Victoria College Palakkad, Kerala. I taught English Language and Literature in various colleges for 31 years. My Ph.D. thesis was on the plays of Wole Soyinka. My collections of verse include "The City and the Hermitage" (1988), "Doors Swing Open" (2008), "Eyes" (2010) and "Whispers of Light in Darkness" (2013). My poems have also appeared in the International Anthologies "I am a Poet" (2013), "With Love" (2013), "Synthesis" (2014) "Poetic Symphonies" (2015) and "Heavenly Hymns" (2015).

12 thoughts on “The Molehill

    1. VijayNair Post author

      Thank you, Louis. The poem is a satirical attack on so-called ‘Godmen’ in India who exploit the credulousness of ordinary God-fearing folk for selfish, financial gains, in the manner of Brother Jero in Wole Soyinka’s Jero plays.

  1. Kumaara Sukeja

    The Man-God has waded enough himself through cess-pools of poverty, not to let go of the milch-cow that emerges from the vulnerability in the miracle-seekers’ minds…

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