The molecular theory

This molecular theory,
Their moods,
To move on,
Big bang,
So on,
Turns table
Exchanging ideas
Like electrons,
Reactors, fusion reactions.
Explode on,
Energy! Energy! Energy!
Runs in your blood,
To create on.

Harness it, to sing it on
Listen to it, to
Feel on,
A prototype of a poet,
Bring it on!
In your every proton.

Sangeeta Suneja

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About Sangeeta Suneja

Sangeeta Suneja is a science graduate from Maharani College Jaipur, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing from YMCA Institute of Management studies, MBA She has been working with Air India for the past 26 years at New Delhi. She has written more than Seven hundred poetry pieces on her poetry blog. Her work has been published in many international anthologies, She is a motivational author at Featured poet at many online magazines like Angies Sangeeta Suneja also loves to paint, has her own illustrations and abstract paintings to complement her Poetry. She writes in Hindi, (Punjabi and Urdu in English script), and has also written a few short stories and flash fiction in English.

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