The Mirage Called Love.

Under the silver twilight love walks away

The silhouette growing smaller

Disappearing  in the oblivion.

Leaving behind a  storm  of darkness.

Giving a feel of   a hundred arrows

piercing   at once

That’s when the heart looks inside the void

And wonders what had created the chaos

What  churned  the life for a lifetime

Pursuing   bliss ephemeral, 

Is love for real or just an illusion

Or mere delusion

Or fancy of a youthful heart

Or a myth of folklores.

For if love was genuine

Then why it proves  a  travesty

Doesn’t love make you smile,

When you first feel the vibe,

Exuding an aura of bliss and joy

Then why does it fade away ?

If  altruistic emotions are its creations

why does it wax and wane

and hides behind shades

turning into a stranger,

to the one whose space it occupied.

the weight of which felt ,

only once  gone.

Causing deep impressions, 

Leaving a heart scathed   for generations.

8 thoughts on “The Mirage Called Love.

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    intensity of love lasting for a short while and then all blown up like dandelion flowers in the wind…

    ‘Leaving a heart scathed for generations’…Wow!

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