The Masquerade


The night is warm for those in the vanilla-scented lair,
in the arms of super love, they embrace and cuddle
A good feeling in the air embraces their every breathe
As they gaze at the starry night sky
they count shooting stars, while collecting fire flies
that keeps them awake all night
As they watch a masquerade of dancing black clouds
collect n disperse with the slowly breaking dawn

She dived deep into love with an innocent soul,
like a bee to a flower, his charm and suave
he looked innocent; and with a lot of innocence, he acted
in her life, he switched on the sky to explore sprinkled stars glow
his every action, filled her heart with joy and happiness
which amplified the heartbeat of the clock with its every beat
With him away; life felt like a boulder and a part of her was away
she was naïve with wide shining eyes eager to learn …

In a blink,
the masquerading lover was gone
the teenage girl heart broken and her future done,
fully compos mentis, he left her world in a flash
at the masquerade
gleefully, “Bwahahaha, she’s a fool who loves with all her heart”
He said in a text message he sent
to the broken hearted girl

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About Mangeni W.Obwoya

Mang’eni Wycliffe Obwoya is a freelance writer, poet and Author of short stories. He was born on the 16th of January ’91 on the shores of Lake Victoria in the South-Eastern part of Uganda (currently Namaingo District) His poems have found a place in several international anthologies and journals like The Significant Anthology, Cupid: An Anthology on love, The umbilical cord : An anthology on Parents ... Obwoya, is currently working on a his poetry collection 'The songs of a swain', and a memoir 'The interesting narratives of a village boy'and many other online publications. He is concurrently working on his collection of poems The songs of a Swain and a memoir The interesting narratives of a Village boy, At the bale fire (A collection Samias and Bagwe folklore). He prefers writing in his mother tongue (Lusamia-Lugwe) reasoning that ‘He has neither seen a cow bleat nor heard goats mooing’ He is a graduate of Busoga University with a bachelor’s degree in Business management with a bias in Marketing When he’s not making people fall in love with his writings, he is most likely busy massaging his computer, coding and developing web sites for his ever growing clientele.

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