The Love Song of a Warbler

“The time is now, the time is now.”
Sings the warbler, and how!
Admiring the women who come and go
Not talking of Michelangelo
But lisping to their kids going to school
Toeing the every weekend rule.
Here a coo, there a coup
One robust sunray, followed by two
No dithering No shilly – shallying
No dilly dallying.
Says a lone cloud “I have got the moves.”
So it grooves and grooves
Seizing the day.
More clouds groove to some funky tune
Merrily sings the warbler from the sand dune.
A chirp, a tweet
A happy greet.
On the overcrowded street
Walks a boy in uniform neat
Shoes burnished, smile crisp
The balmy breeze tries to lisp
A message of hope, and not procrastination
“The time is now, the time is now
Seize the day.”
The sun listens to the warbler and tries to dethrone
The clouds windblown.
Under the tree, the happy cobbler, cobbles away
The warbler warbles as the clouds scurry and sway.
The world plunges headlong into the maelstrom of another day.
Here a coo, there a coup.
“The time is now, the time is now!”
Sings the warbler and how!

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