The little white dove

I saw you again today
You stood out
Majestic in your pristine plumage.
But I noticed a mournful lassitude
In your attitude.
Were you lamenting the recent carnage
Of this hate- filled, dehumanized age?
You took a descending flight from up above
Becoming a part of the grey yodelers below
My little dove.

Ah, you looked elegant and proud
So serene in the morning crowd
I peered closer at you
On the ground you pecked
Looking lost and wrecked
I have no doubt
You were on the look out
For some elusive treasure.

Do not fly, little dove, stay
Pray, look the sun is bright
It has quashed the dark night
See that group of children clapping,
Back slapping?
Peace is just napping
I guess.

We need you to clear this mess.
The dark hues of hate and scorn
Will vanish in the new dawn
Pray, stay.
Let us be together, little dove
All that the world needs is you
And a handful of love.

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