The Last Embrace

The Last Embrace

From unbearable distance
she looked upon me ,
with a blushing smile ,
with a haunt in her eyes ,

she ran like a thirsty doe ,
to reach me , to feel me,
she embraced me tightly
in her unfolded beautiful arms,

she kissed my eyes softly,
she kissed my forehead gently ,
she kissed my lips narrowly,
but my cheeks rapidly ,

i felt as if she has gone crazy,
i noticed as if has gone mad,
with closed eyes she rested
her head upon my chest ,

i felt her short of breathe ,
i felt her sobbing and sighs ,
i felt the fragrance her body,
i felt the touch of her bosoms,

i knew , she was sobbing and
her tears struggling to burst,
but was posing if she was brave ,
hence controlled over rolling tears ,

my adoring eyes could see
the raining drops behind her eyelids,
i wished if she could weep freely
to wash out her old and frozen tears,

i just rubbed her back ,to make
her feel, the warmth of my body,
the warmth of my chest ,
but she did not respond my touch ,

i felt , she has loosened her arms ,
to make me feel free and easy,but from
her breath, i found, i have lost her,
but before leaving , she could enjoy the last embrace ….

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