The Juvenile Breeze

It floundered around on its mission of exploration
Filled with child like exultation
Whispered and nudged but alas missed .
Stealthily it came on tiptoe and kissed
A blade of grass .

Danced and pranced around with an intensity wild
Pulled at clothes on the clothesline
Cracking jokes elephantine .
And then in a burst of spunky mischief teased
A girl’s strand of hair.

It fidgeted clumsily and then suddenly
spun quickly and still more quickly
stopped at the telephone wires
Swooped down to play with
A dog’s tail.

Wafted across the fields
Amused at the fluttering clothes
And the scarecrows’ weird getup
Tugged at the skeletal arm
Of a scarecrow.

Mesmerized, it watched a woman
As she lit a fire outside her shack.
Puffed out its cheeks
like a birthday boy
And blew out the fire.

Moved further
lingered a while near the gambolling waves
gilded by sunset
and got wet
Thrashing a boulder.

Bloated with some secret conceit
As though by some demon possessed
It coquetted with the trees
In one boisterous sweep pushing away
A bird’s nest.

Frightened and tumultuous
The birds flew
The nest fell down eggs and all
Twigs, pieces of thread
And a cotton ball!

Like a weary pilgrim
Of a much travelled road
It sighed in guilt
At the crumbling of the nest so tirelessly built
And slumped and hid
in the foliage thick.
Like a chastened child
After a reprimand mild
With its puckered little face.
Painfully quiet, shamefaced .
At this action, ah so vile
No longer a delinquent juvenile.

7 thoughts on “The Juvenile Breeze

  1. Lalit Magazine

    A very terrific way of describing how nature can comfort and disturb and the breeze has been used as an appropriate symbol.


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