The Joys of Living

Fear not Life

Live it

Celebrate it

Glorify it

Love it!


Hate not Love

It is merely the child of Life

The child wishing to take birth in us

So that we may have a support

To keep up with Life!


Repress not your compassion

Let it bloom

Be generous with it

Share it with the world

The dark and desolate one

The one needing of it much more!


Reject not your misery

Swim in it

Drown in it

Let it fill you

At Time flows,

Your misery shall flow along

It shall someday bid you to understand

Of what you had to learn from it!


Repulse not at sins

Accept them

And cure them

Yes, reactions they are

Of this world’s whims!

Brave them

And of their handcuffs, you shall be free!


Yes, open your soul

Wake up your heart

Let your eyes twinkle

Let your mouth smile

Immerse your inner being with

The joys of living!

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