The Japanese red army

The mad man across the street shouts:
“The Japanese red army!”
late in night, every night for a month now
they probably cut off his medication
“The Japanese red army” ┬áthe air vibrates with his voice
over and over again
I get used to it
So I fall asleep
“The Japanese red army”
I hardly can hear his anger…
while I am suffocating with mine
I want to shout too
but the sounds are stacked in my throat
still in shock
“The Japanese red army” the man solemnly announces
in the dark
the sounds are bouncing from wall to wall
my mind reverberates in fury
How hate did  pop up finally?!!
I always felt it there
under there masque, well hidden
so well dressed up in sleazy smiles and oily voices…
“The Japanese red army”..
my ears are exploding…
Am I the only one who hears the pain of that poor soul?
His torment only makes mine more bearable
so I whisper
“The Japanese red army!”

2 thoughts on “The Japanese red army

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An unsettling snapshot from a situation more in keeping with a dystopian novel or scene from a psychological -thriller movie.The alienation and frustration are expertly conveyed. Might the poem itself provide material to be re-worked into a novel, perhaps as a character’s diary entry? Or might it serve as the basis for a radio playscript ?

    1. Iulia Gherghei

      Thank you so very much, Louis Kasatkin! working in a radio station, listening to radio theater every day …. I kind of get inspired by its specific rhythms!!!


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