The Irrepressible ‘SHE’

Shrugging off the withered scales
Of spinsterhood, witchery and widowhood
She embraces each day like refreshing droplets of rain
She sails in her paper boats to realize her dreams.
Subterfuge and her allies fail to unnerve her resolve
As she doggedly multi-tasks, at home and at work.
Through the chronicles of time
Violations to her dignity like
Sati, child marriage and female feticide
Seem like pebbles in her myriad roles-
Of a mother, a daughter, a friend , a wife –
All sources of an evergreen fountain of love and compassion.
But when circumstances beckon,
She seamlessly merges into Medusa
To tackle the Hermes of the modern world,
The tree of procreation becomes the stormy Keres.
Tender as the petal and thorny as the cactus
Her spirit buoyant amidst the storms of life
Is the irrepressible, β€˜She’.

Divya Rajgarhia

8 thoughts on “The Irrepressible ‘SHE’

  1. lopu123

    This touched a chord deep within, Divya! You depict the vulnerability, and also the steadfastness and indomitable spirit of the quintessential woman so beautifully. Thanks much for sharing!


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