The irony of essences

My indelible memory is you,

An unanticipated constant,

Endessly eluding capture.

I nourish only a sensation

That you breathe and it feeds my drive

And extravagant likes.

Yet, today, I chose to exile you

From the shelf of my mind,

Humanise your grace,

Allow the mundane

To shape your aliveness

And deliver you back from the unattainable.

Other inquisitive eyes and hands

Shall feast on your nights

And teach you to cherish your days.

And the memory of you shall build itself

Out of my inwardness,

Giving my path boldness.


4 thoughts on “The irony of essences

  1. Nalini Srivastava

    “to shape your aliveness……”
    beautiful phrased to reach out and carve out the essence of human heart.
    loved it

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    The inquisitive reader will have their curiousity richly rewarded by this adroitly understated foray into the existential.


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