The infinite mirrors of Ocean

Why do we call this planet Earth
when it is the vast waters that gave him the colour
no matter where you look a tide
will answer the moon call
a breeze will caress the seagull wing
a blade of sand will sting a thirsty eye

Where else but at the shore we will meet
the horizon line uniting sky and ocean vastness
a kiss in the infinite mirrors
a taste of no boundaries
a fear that the next tide
will slap and crumble all your certainties

When if not in the middle of storm
God becomes a dry shirt
a farewell tear
a letter never to be mailed
a list of sons abandoned at the shore

Again calm waters, little joyful waves
enormous blue wearing a sky
breeze to comb my curly hair
Ocean, the moon lover, you,
hung my star in your tide!

11 thoughts on “The infinite mirrors of Ocean

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A meticulously constructed cornucopia of poetic exegesis.A lustrous dynamo of insights that strive ceaselessly to extend the parameters of the reader’s perceptions.This poem exudes quality with a capital Q.

  2. sunil sharma

    Julia demonstrates a heightened feminine sensibility and a rare tenderness in her description of the earth and sky, moon and ocean that will delight every worshiper of the blue planet. Her sensitive literary imagination captures here an elusive perception/ special vision granted to few great seers and select awakened poets only—that the earth is sacred;existence is blessed and each moment is poetically sublime on it. This is less of a poem and more of a mystic experience, recalling Wordsworthian prophecies.

    1. iuliagherghei

      Most honored, sunil sharma! Honored and speechless, in awe… Your comment is far to generous!!!! Thank you so very much, my friend!!!

  3. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for June 2013 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . *** Poem of the Month..The infinite mirrors of Ocean – Iulia Gherghei…***…In the category of Highly Commended ( tabulated in alphabetical order)… **..Akhmatova – Ampat Koshy..**…**..(The)Charred Page – Sana Rose..**…**..Fever – Mary Annie..**…**..Field Walking – Elizabeth Hexberg..**…**..I’m Walking Mammy – Sharon Elizabeth Walker..**…**..Inimitable moments – Gopal Lahiri..**…**..(The)Modern Mourning – Nalini Srivastava..**…**..(The)Morning – Sangeeta Suneja..**…**..(The)Music of soul – Diwakar Pokhriyal..**…**..Swing – Rahul Aithal..**…**..Thought Chat – Reena Prasad..**…**..You – Jobale Wihnope..**…….* The ICOP Poetry Critic (Bi-Monthly) for May/June 2013 is.. Nalini Srivastava.

    1. iuliagherghei

      So honored and so happy!!! I can’t find my words… Thank you so very much, Louis Kasatkin and Destiny Poets!!! Congratulations to all, my fellow posts!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

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