The hovel with the tin roof

Why defer our dreams?
Why let them dry like ‘raisin in the sun’?
I mused, hugging my dream close to my chest.
The dream of a warm, snug house,
In lots of sunlight drenched.

The shriveled woman
In the hovel with the tin roof a little distance away
Wondered why a dismal existence
Had been emblazoned with iron rods on her tubercular chest.
Last night the wind had stalked her house
like a rapacious wolf
Hunting for the tiniest crack to insinuate itself in.

I felt the taste of bitter almonds in my mouth
As the scoundrel wind tore away the tin roof from her head.
Alas , now she would dry like ‘raisin in the sun’
In ferocious sunlight drenched.

I hastily gulped a glass of water to wash away that bitter taste.
Did she have any option but to defer her dreams?
To throttle her screams?
Furtively, I hugged my dream to my chest.
But found no peace in this hugging.
At my heart, the scene kept tugging.
So, I sang a requiem
To my dream.
And was at peace.

6 thoughts on “The hovel with the tin roof

  1. Kumaara Sukeja

    Another impactful contribution by the writer whose compassionate nature stands out through the flow of her evocative poetry.

  2. VijayNair

    The allusion to Langston Hughes’s famous lines which inspired the title of Lorraine Hansberry’s epoch making play:” A Raisin in the Sun” is brilliant:”What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up/Like a raisin in the sun ?”. One of the thematic concerns of Hansberry’s play is the desire of Mama to move into a more convenient house, which happens to be in a white neighborhood . Santosh’s compassion emerges in this literary piece.Arguably, one of her best poems.


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