The Honoured Physician Goes Missing

Senor Miguel Pedrosa,
honoured community physician
treated many patients as effectively
as their pocketbooks could afford;
he performed many delicate procedures
for those who sought to avoid
the gaze of the neighbourhood Priest,
Senor Pedrosa’s familiar trademark
white linen suit and panama hat
marked him out from
the other practitioners
who tended to poorly clad
workers in the labyrinthine barrios;
when one too many shoeless peasant
passed away in too short a time,
Senor Miguel Pedrosa absconded
before questions were asked
and the Practice’s office closed;
no longer observed in the barrio
the familiar white linen suit
and expensive panama hat,
both were found at the garbage dump
blood stained and torn…

(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right under the Copyright,Designs&Patents Act 1998 to be identified as the author of this work)

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    The article:
    The Honoured Physician Goes Missing by louis kasatkin
    The comment (by kelly bella):
    one could almost say “good–he got what he deserves” but who are we to judge who do like-minded things but not with our own hands but with the hands of others… great poem as always, Mr. Kasatkin

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