The Heart of Earth

Pray, if we held, in our hands

The heart of Earth

Would we have taken good care of it

Would we have watered it

With the waters of our goodwill

Would we have protected it

With all our soul’s might and temerity


We can hold not the heart of Earth

Earth is too vast, too mysterious, too colossal

But we have, as part of our traits


Abilities, yes

Abilities to choose, amongst others

And we can choose to safeguard this land that homes us

We can choose to tend to it

To trim it

To remove the weeds that invades it

To make sure it feels content all the time

To allow it to bloom into a haven

To bid it to want to keep on being

For eons on end

So that others of our kind may enjoy its shade!


The heart that beats in my chest

Is an exact replica of the heart of Earth

Earth, my mother, my doting and loving mother

Earth, my tolerant and forgiving mother

Earth, my shelter, my sanctuary

Earth, the power from which I have sprouted!

I shall take care of it

Pray, I do swear

I shall take care of it,

As if it were me


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