The Hammer Blows of Regeneration

The earth quivered in wrathful indignation
Perhaps bent on revengeful annihilation
Reducing giants to pygmies, dashing dreams.
Among orphaned clutter, and wooden beams
An emaciated man valiantly stifles his moans
As a robust mouse scavenges among the stones.
Feverishly he hammers nails into tin sheets
Resurrecting in sync with his rapid heartbeats.
With the monumental calamity trying to cope
Picking hopeful remnants from the debris of hope.

Writhing under a tarpaulin, his heavily pregnant wife
Leg crushed, womb intact, struggles for life.
Suddenly , in the surroundings echoes a lusty cry .
The new mother smiles sadly, but , she has to fly.
A tattered smile breaks forth from his battered lips
He checks himself, as on a stone he dangerously trips
Shoulders stooped, spirits shattered, but not broken
In his lacerated arms, he scoops up the love token.
As his wife, head bandaged , leg in cast
One eye on the newborn, breathes her last.
The surroundings resound with hammer blows
As the newborn wriggles his tiny toes.

In shackled impotence,the stone gods watch ,sightless and mute
Their abodes razed to the ground in a tragedy absolute.
Powerless to cheer the hammer blows of regeneration
Pathetically amputated , beyond revival and resurrection.
Meanwhile, among the destruction helter –skelter
In the half –open eyes of his newborn, the man seeks shelter
The quiver of his anguished happiness can’t be measured on any scale.
To his chest he clasps the new born frail
Bracing himself for the brutal knocks
And some more aftershocks.
Some distance away, the hammer blows of regeneration
Continue to labour on towards rejuvenation.
And the stone gods watch
And watch.

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