The Haircut (by Russ Crabtree)

There once was a maiden so fair

Who cut all her families hair,

Collected all up in a great big bin

Threw it all over the garden in Spring,

Sat down in the chair for a rest

To watch the birds pick it up for their nest,

But the maiden got angry began to shout

The birds made a mess on her washing she’d just pegged out,

It was dire

all over my best white shirt I wear in the choir,

Them birds can be a pest,

I’ve let them use my hair for their nest.

Editorial footnote:

Russell “Russ” Crabtree is a part of Writers Assemble -the local community group project run by Destiny Poets as part of our wider community involvement and outreach.

For more info, checkout the facebook page for Writers Assemble.

4 thoughts on “The Haircut (by Russ Crabtree)

  1. amitapaul

    The poem makes me wonder who the narrator is vis a vis the fair maiden cutting her family’s hair and scattering it all over the garden ! The birds are naughty to soil the shirt of one of the family members who has contributed material for their nest

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