The greatest writer ever…

The greatest writer ever
I write
You write
All writes
Some encrypts
While some decrypts
Some hold the expertise of rhymes
While some don’t care of ripples
Some writes impulsively the free verses
While some care of all elements
Be it ironies or the metaphors
Or the similies or the deft imageries
Some write with heart
While some uses the grey cells
But there is a silent writer
The master writer the greatest writer
Who writes
Infinite stories
Of infinite souls
Infinite poems
Of Replicating, depicting all mimics
That it carved in its origin
Of infinite universes
Some spoke of black holes
Other conceptually talks of supernova
Writing space, time and all spatial variables
I surrender
Not to any writer who writes with pen and ink
But I bow
But I surrender
But I pay ‘ dandwat’
Burning the camphor at my heart
Where all ceases
Which is beyond the beyond
And I wish
To pay more
To speak more
In praise of that writer
Upon whom bows the azure sky
And darling is earth and ocean
And while I am writing
I want to hold my breath forever
For am speaking of / about the greatest writer ever
And on this pristine journey
I fear of doped attires
Of hypocrites
Who may cross argue / diffuse even unsaid unheard words
Or may over enthusiastically
Invite for some ‘ call for submission ‘
Or for some contests
Least do they remember
The thesis
Have all been already submitted
In the holy library
Least known
More lived
Than studied
For essence lies in living
Your words
Our words
World of words
So that words may breath once again
At all thy writer’s hand
May be that’s what the greatest writer wants

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