The Golden Flamed Frock

How I wish you have seen my eyes for once

I know you haven’t

Had you had then you would have seen it

A different world of yourselves

A home yours serene and quiet I kept

Which you have never entered

It is like a night sky where rainbows bloomed

It is like the meadow where the sky rained its aura

Had you had then you would have seen it

But you were looking at the pots

Which I was making and at its imperfect fringes

Which trailed back to the eyes of my fingers

With its imbalanced move of here and there

You never knew that they were in the making

With the last drops of will power


My moments were the flowers offered to you

Still are they the offerings to you

Whose fragrance never reached you

But they were so beautiful

For they breathed just for you

And I know you never knew it


The flowers are spent petals withered

The seed has come conceived with the tomorrow

I am leaving it in the soil

It shall wait for its season on its own

As that is what I lived for to let go all the moments

Which have to go nothing but just go

My shadow is getting longer than me now

Let me have my smile back

The golden flamed frock is too inviting

I shall just get into it

I know it is free size always

Yes, always


Sarala Ramkamal

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