The God who Smiles

( For Janamashtami )

Enchanted by the God who smiles
Besotted with the God who plays
The God whose baby talk beguiles
The God with all the winning ways

The God who steals butter and curd
The God whose anklets twinkle gold
And tinkle with each prattled word
The God whom His Mother can scold

A peacock feather in His curls
A lute pressed softly to His lips
The darling of the village girls
Behind His cows He hops and skips

He heads a gang of toddler boys
And plots the theft of buttermilk
Then tired sleeps among His toys
His baby skin as soft as silk

When God is such, what can you do ?
He loves you and you love Him too !
The God whose skin is blue as blue
The God whose charm bewitches you !

( A Very Happy Birthday to the Baby Lord Krishna )

8 thoughts on “The God who Smiles

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    In His chilhood He acted like a child among His childhood friends … otherwise, knowing who He was…they would just stand in awe …

    1. Amita Paul

      That is what endears Him to His devotees. The famous episode of His foster – mother Yashoda looking into His mouth to check what He had been eating and seeing the entire Universe there, is not to be forgotten, as also the destruction of Pootna and so many other demons even when He was a baby or a small child.
      Happy Janamashtami!

  2. Brindha Vinodh

    Divine and holy, a nice poem capturing the characteristics of God Krishna on his birthday. Indeed, the “God who smiles.”

  3. Amita Paul

    Thank you so much , Vijay Nair.
    Yes, I had some children’s hymns or rhymes about Christmas at the back of my mind , too !
    ( Particularly “ Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild “ !
    “ Away in a Manger, No crib for a bed “ )


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