The girl from the bus said : Yes!

The girl from the bus said : Yes!
Yes! I’ve lifted ¬†up my arm
I’ve hung tight by the metallic bar
I am in the bus
and someone sticks his nose as if he wishes
with all his being to enter my arm pit
Yes, my blouse is so  translucent
And its transparency leaves out my greenish body
Yes,I am a fresh flower from the fields
That your city nose suffocated by asphalt wouldn’t smell ever
Yes, caress me all with your breath in the canicular squeeze
as if a hair dryer will spin to my neck
touch me with your sober up poet thoughts
We still have an entire yard of hugs
and a thousand dreams in the horizons….
Too bad,
You and your shirt stamped with a stupid logo
will lose yourself in a late reverie
without poetry…

9 thoughts on “The girl from the bus said : Yes!

  1. Iulia Gherghei

    When is very, very warm! I rechecked it on my Google dictionary, and this word exists in English! Thank you for the comment, Louis!This poem came as an acid replica to one written by a well known Romanian poet, Cartarescu. In his poem he described his travel with a bus where a girl aroused him or something like that, very unworthy to be in a poem subject, in my opinion!Probably is just a matter of taste!

    1. Louis Kasatkin

      Thank you Iulia for your grammatical exegesis. whoever this well known Romanian poet thinks he is,clearly taste,decorum and an appreciation for the sensitivities of others are not part of his skill-set. Tastelessness is something that afflicts quite a few so-called modern poets who think it fashionable to be rude.

  2. ramesh rai

    Thank you so much my friend Iulia Gherghei for sharing a swt poem. So far if there be any deficiency that is very natural. In Geeta Lord Krishna has stated, which i have also incorporated in my poem The Hymn of Mercy, “Fire without smoke action without defects are unexpected”. But you have posted a fantastic poem.
    With many wishes.


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