The Eternal Feminine

The Eternal Feminine

A thought was unexpressed,
The fuel was left unused,
The needs unfulfilled
And the Creator bemused.

Then She arrived,
In Her formless quintessence,
And offered her virginity
To redeem His essence.

Pregnant with the Universe
She celebrated her Man;
In a moment of deliverance
The tangible magic began.

Births and deaths followed;
He formed and reformed with probity
Secured even in those transient garbs
For his Muse promised infinity.

Today we meet Her in pain and joy
Through multiple deaths, She is Life without span
Every form is Her Labor of Love
She is the woman in every man.

As He embodies the festival of life
Giving Her a semblance in His shades Divine
Constant in Her role as the Creative Conduit
Is the Love of His life…. The Eternal Feminine.

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I am a physiotherapist from Mumbai, India specialised in the field of Neurophysiotherapy. Working with children with various neuro-developmental disorders forms the mainstay of my job. I am currently employed as an Associate Professor of Physiotherapy, a profile that allows me a blend of clinical, teaching and research experience. I am trained in an Indian classical dance form Kathak a medium via which I experience the stories that inhabit the physical and psychological landscapes and are waiting to be told. Writing helps consolidate the experiences into a layered structure and offers me the evolving standpoints from where the journey can deftly proceed.

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  1. Anoucheka

    Wow, love this write………..creation and life is because of the love between existence and the conscience,……..or the Creator and the eternal feminine………well done, love this!

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