The Divine Whispers

The Goddess whispered again

In the early hours of dawn

She whispered your name again, Love,

In a voice so strict, so severe,

So demanding,

Denoting at how bent she is

On seeing both our bodies, our hearts

And our souls, united, in a bond which shall

Be blessed for eons on end by the Gods themselves!

I shall tell you about it,

All I wait is for you to open your heart

And let me be the maestro to the violin tunes

That are being played there

All I wait is for is for you to open your mouth

And ask me, of what I have, so urgently,

To recount to you!

All I wait for is for when you shall grab my hands

And tell me,

That you will never let go!

Why, I have had my share of bad luck

I presume so you have you

But my whole being tingles with your essence

You play with my moods as if you were my puppeteer

I live for you, I reveal myself only to you

I have written, since the beginning,

Only for you and shall keep doing so as long as I can!

I shall bloom only for you

And I shall wilt, solely by your side

Knowing that our souls shall both be saved

By the same Goddess who whispered it to me

That you and I have to be one!

The Goddess whispered again, Love,

I am drenched in impatience

And exalt,

For the becoming of what is come!

Pray, make me not wait anymore!

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