The Desert Rose

The desert preys upon me
It entangles its arms
Reaches for me,
Plunges its hands into my heart
And pulls me
Into its cold and winding paths
Submerged with the coldness
Of the nothingness that makes it up!

The desert preys upon me
And as I walk upon it
I can feel
The eyes of Death following me
As if
It were my master
And I,
Its slave!

I walked for long,
Nearly reached the end of it
Before the weight of its gloom
Pushed me to my knees
And sobbing
As would a toddler in a tantrum,
I held out my palms
And prayed
For my release,
Through the needy touch
Of Death!

After all,
If walking into the desert's midst
Leads to nowhere
Why am I to keep on my way
More so,
Since it itself preys upon me
Caring not to protect me
And to shower me with its love
As to allow me to bloom into
Its own desert rose!

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