The Day We Washed The Cat


He was always getting dirty

Forever getting wet,

But would he ever have a bath?

He would often quiet forget.


You see, cats just don’t like water

No matter how hard we tried,

We even put some milk

Upon a saucer, in the bath.


But would it ever tempt him

To get his paws quite wet?

Not even for a pilchard,

Could we get him wet.


“But Mummy, why don’t we use a machine?

It goes round, and round, and round!

He would only need a minute, or two

To get him very clean!


It was a logical answer

To the problem we had at hand.

“But how would he breathe?”

What a typical question!


“Here’s a peg for on his nose!”

What a solution.

“Ready, Steady, Go ….!”

“Meoiw …..”

“Oh! How he’s very clean!”


© sew 2012

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