The dancing Duo

An ill- kempt, under-clad child
with a Santa cap on his head,
stumbled along singing a happy song,
awe-struck by his cap.

A robin hopped towards him, its red breast glowing,
eyes sparkling, tilted its tiny head and watched. 
Bitten by curiosity, it watched and watched,
 awe-struck by his cap.

Tap-tap-tap, danced away the tiny boy
in the Santa cap.
Hop-Hop-Hop, the robin also broke into a jig,
not bothered a fig
by the grotesquery of a violent world,
awe- struck by his cap.  

The little robin- redbreast and the little boy
in the red cap, tapped their tiny feet,
and danced and danced.  
Entranced, the world watched the merry steps
of the redbreast and the boy,
awe- struck by his cap.

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