The Cynic & The Liar

Said the Cynic to The Liar-

” I know your game and what you do “,

Said the Liar to The Cynic-

” If that is so then what does it matter to you? “,

Replied the Cynic to The Liar-

” It doesn’t matter to me, I just wanted you to know is all “,

to which the Liar replied-

” I knew you’d say that all along “,

non-plussed the Cynic remarked-

” You’re only saying that to make a point “,

” How would you know if I am ?.. I just lie all the time !”

concluded The Liar.

2 thoughts on “The Cynic & The Liar

  1. ramesh rai

    Cynic and liar both are evil of society. I like to be 10000 miles away from such person. A good job.


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