The cycle of love, crudely

A boy met a girl.
The meeting sparked interest.
Interest bred infatuation.
Infatuation brought happiness.

He made her feel beautiful,
she made him feel important.
They massaged each other’s ego
in an unspoken agreement
of quid pro quo
and called it ‘love’.

They heaped lavish praises
and made eternal promises,
they gave much more
than what was bargained for.
The excess deposits
were absorbed and stashed
in the bank of happy memories.

Promises got them closer.
Closeness enhanced familiarity
which revealed imperfection
and brought judgment
which gave rise to arguments.
Arguments distanced them.

Fingers were pointed and
bloated egos were pricked.
Both went bankrupt when
the deposits were withdrawn.

They went about looking
for a new ‘love’
to refill their coffers.

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