The Courier

Seeking to meet the Price set by others ,
Dolores Pacheco evaded the gaze of
Immigration and Customs Officials and
made her way to the airport hotel;
where in room one-one-seven
the envelope and suitcase were waiting,
two hundred and fifty thousand in
small denominated non-sequentially numbered bills,
tangible proof of her and
her confederates’ unassuageable greed;
down payment on that Hacienda
her father could never afford
and that German luxury automobile
which should always have been hers,
and now would surely be ,
were it not for the protruding
silencer of a hidden assassin’s gun ;
the sudden crimson stain on her
Italian haut-couture chemise ,
alerted her to her own imminent demise,
and the thudding pneumatic coughs
giving rise to temporary distraction
next door from the televised soccer game;
Another price had been met,
another contract fulfilled .

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