The Common Sparrow

Dedicated to the tiny sparrow which comes every morn to my window sill , trying to jerk me away from sleep .

Where do you bide, in what branch, sparrow?
Ah, there, you just zoomed past me like an arrow.
Come, your lack of flamboyance, do not lament
You simply glow in your black and brown garment.
With a chirp and a tweet you greet the dawn
Singing a soft, soothing melody every morn.
You are a beauty, from your face wipe that frown
Let not the bright hues of others cow you down.

You are the pride of every window sill
Every morn from which you trill and trill
Your charms can never be lost on me
O, you part of nature’s ineffable harmony.
Tiny bird, you fill me with great admiration
Who says you are on the verge of extinction?
How can that be possible little dear
When I always find you merrily trilling so near?

Jerking the somnolent dawn from sleep
With your happy twitter and cheep- cheep
You aren’t on the verge of extinction, have no fear
Get your pecker up, chirp away, that’s a dear.

6 thoughts on “The Common Sparrow

  1. Kumaara Sukeja

    A beautiful ode to the beautiful bird!-overjoyed to be privileged to to read the soulful rendition for a chirpy bird we grew up with–spiritedly protecting the little nest assiduously built for its little ones in the corners of the ceilings in the houses, before the advent of skyscrapers.

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