The Clock…

Imagine imagine imagine
if you would,
that there was a time
and it was stood,
dead still still stock
the imminent tick and awaited tock,
staring staring staring
down from its face
integers and moments eager to race,
in circles circles frantically around
all giving vent to their ceaseless sound,
counting counting and counting again
the seconds the minutes
everyone of them.

Imagine imagine imagine
just for fun
that there was a race
that was almost run,
the impatient tick and hastening tock
left us dead still still stock,
staring staring staring
at the waste
of all the time slipped past in haste,
counting counting and counting again
the days of our dying
everyone of them.

Imagine imagine imagine…

(another performance piece from circa 1996)

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    I liked this poem. The clock of life is ticking for all or us..and ond day it will stop. We must live life for our Lord now and always! God Bless

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