The Choices

I’m just a pebble
That rolled into your way,
That your currents
Chose to caress
Into shiny smoothness…

I’m just a leaf
That whirled down to you,
That your fingers
Chose to smoothen
The dry wrinkles even…

I’m just a verse
That floated into your life,
That your heart
Chose to sing
With the right ring…

I’m just a bird
That flew into your home,
That your soul
Chose to shelter
From any swelter…

I’m just a word
That made into your thoughts,
That your reasons
Chose to keep
Forever real deep…

I’m just a reason
That seeped into your senses,
That your largeness
Chose to embrace
With no doubt’s trace…

– June 30th, 2013
© Sana Rose 2013

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