The Celestial Deal

We could strike a deal
Said the ruler of the skies!
Oh yes we could,
If only you would abide,
But you remain stubborn
Bent on your emotions
As if these ruled you
Instead of us!

We seek your purity,
Your innocence, your inner beauty,
Your humility,
Your soulful fragrance,
Your existential dance,
Your magical consciousness,
We seek your love,
For ourselves!

The world is difficult to walk on
The world is ridden with traps
Hiding venomous snakes,
All wanting to bring you to a fall
Whereby you will not fly over the divine
But will crawl in the murkiness of mundane dirt!

We seek your love,
As we have found in you,
That which we have not in others;
Clearness of intention,
And deep ardor to worship us!

Pray, be patient with Earth,
She revolves upon our whims,
Be patient,
Like her,
Walk on, avoid the traps
Live according to our say
And you shall earn the other part of the deal;
A flowery garden filled with fairies and elves
All for you!

Here, you shall worry not,
Here, you shall struggle not,
Nor shall you shed bloody tears,
Nor shall you feel inhabited by misery
You shall feel as soothed
As would be a baby in its mother’s embrace!

Why, forget about everything else
Earth is not real
Earth, rather,
Is inhabited by darkness and shadows,
Always so ready to ensnare you!

I shall abide, said I in a whisper
After all, my life does not belong to me
And never shall it do so!
I shall abide,
As you remain the power to play me
As if I were a lifeless puppet
I shall abide
And I do choose
To close my eyes
To the fake flowers of Earth
While waiting
To see you!

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