The Carnival of the Hours

The carnival of the hours
dances its merry way ,
caught up in the rush of
music and fireworks glaring blaring
laughing staring faces immersed
in a spectral gyre all colour all noise
fated and tempting fate ,
to ignore those ignoble hours
into which we are cast
as debris into the Sea ,
chopping changing wave upon
wave wave upon wave
until the final bidding of ” adieu ” ,
as the Carnival of the Hours
wends its way
shackled by chains of nostalgia ,
clinging hold to all the days gone
all the days forgotten ,
all their colours faded
all their noise muted
underneath skies unleashing the rain ,
the rain that falls both on
the just and the unjust ;
where there is no error of judgement to appeal ,
since coincidences shape our fate
to a greater or lesser degree ,
originating from nowhere
unexpected odd and inexplicable ,
and then the Carnival of the Hours
is heard no more.

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5 thoughts on “The Carnival of the Hours

  1. Maaya Dev

    This poem disintegrates TIME and it’s functional domain to integrate and unveil the metaphysical truth of existence and of its essence. A work of in depth with a cosmic touch. Brilliant craft Sir Louis Kasatkin, Loved the poem


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