The Burnt Bridges

Hadn’t I burnt the bridges long back ?
But why does the stench keep coming back?
At night, when the cacophonous silence
Callouses my eardrums I retrace
My steps as though in a somnambulistic trance.
Walking through the avenues treelined
Swishing and swaying
And sloughing a long lost melody
The garrulous streams
And the majestic mountains,
I reach the bridge
It is still burning!
Ah, the embers are still hot .
From the ashes ,
i pick up a half- burnt love note .
“So what , I will still wait for you.”
The words still shine bright.
Surreptitiously , I pocket it .
The gibbous moon smirks at my shenanigans
And turns away.

6 thoughts on “The Burnt Bridges

  1. Kumaara Sukeja

    Got enraptured by the cohesive flow of the poet’s thoughts–her sublime skills portray her passion so smoothly that images pan lucidly across the reader’s mental screen !


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