The Burning Pyre

The Burning Pyre


The Burning pyre!!!

Oh! Beloved why do you fear me?

Long ago I had left you in the world of illusions

Don’t you remember?

Your desire to play the game of ignorance

Your wish to tour the virtual world

Exploring of all unknowns,beyond

You wanted to understand the PAC model

You wanted to verify the Transactional analysis

Your adventure of exploring the continents

You wanted to dive deeper into the lap of Ocean

You wanted to feel the nature

You wanted to smell the fragrance of the flower

You wanted to be in the domain of words

You wanted to feel the depth of being in a relationship

You wanted to be the wealthiest

You wanted to be the confusion that the world manifests in exploring truth

Your desire to live relative

Leaving the absolute

Beloved now let me set you free

To the call to the divine submerge

To define the ultimate love

Alas! The world is going to miss you

They will see it as a loss, The Death

But it is a great lover

Like a warrior he will embrace you into the arms

And will fly far away to free you

Don’t you remember your promise to return

It’s the call of the Burning pyre…..

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