The burning bible

With the tantrum of tides

on the verge of swallowing the sky

For the memoirs of infinite tests

Of the undying core protocols

Of its unknown, yet alive  promises

That counts for the essence of every existence

Alas! The pulchritudinous  voyage to it’s milestone

Thy! says, the pragmatic pristine call of the universe

Of finding it’s own joy to be re –catapult

For it is ready to answer the unquestionable

Breaking the silence of time immemorial

Challenged and massacred by the butcher’s dwell

That the time is teeming lava

Gulping the plethora of human virtues

For the judgement day is to be witnessed

All heading towards the gathering

Wherein the ultimate sink will witness

The climactic of catastrophical havoc

For it’s the cold –restart

Celebrating the greatest of festivity

The glory of the origin

For the burden of universe

Is ready to slumber for a cold restart

The ultimate call of the wrap is in the air

Ready to blast for a ballistic joy

For now the sweet nectar of holiest GITA

Poisoned with the heartless,ruthless time

Is swaping the GITA-QURAN-BIBLE and all

To the holiest glory of Veda

For the fragrance of aura

Is in the entirety of void merging with infinite

It’s the sigh! Of the breath of the dying universe

Where the sky and earth are shedding the tears of blood

Least known of the shades of  tears

For the dilemma of illusion still holds

For the words are flying to escape from the burning bible

To breathe the virginity

in  the enlightenment of the origin

ready to dance to the flame of the burning bible.



1 thought on “The burning bible

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The poem poses the general reader a somewhat difficult task as regards everyday linguistic accessibility and engagement. All of us being neophytes in matters of theological/religious discourse need a ” way in ” to be able to explore and comprehend at a very basic level the subtleties and layers of allegorical allusions with which this work abounds. Unfortunately as a work exposed to public view and therefore interpretation it appears weighed down by its own gravitas.

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