The brink of sincerity

Rage in each and every second
I steal air
I steal
Do I wish to live
Do I wish to breathe
I am chewing seconds
I am chewing glances
Sniffing …
I see myself useless
sucking the others life’s blood
pitying myself constantly
while they are getting drunk with their zest for life.

I hate myself cause  no longer I can dream
I am imaging Death
The incense…
The nectar that she pours down your veins
It is the Silence, the Peace of a worm sliding…
The Death, that dissolution of the natural essence
Wings for the unfulfilled.

We clinched in the hope
A kind of cleansing for our intestines’ soup
You wait stacked with your life
between sex and the main course
You haven’t yet heard
the slow spinning of worms
that make room for the next.

I hate myself
All that I’ve learned from you
is the guilt that I breathe
My lungs’ air is heavy on your pupils
Stay cool!
When your conscience’s crisis will choke me
I’ll end this game
The Penalty is not acceptable!

4 thoughts on “The brink of sincerity

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A very emotionally powerful work.This would make for a really good live performance item. I can also imagine this being part of a scene in a novel or as part of an internal monologue of a character in a radio play. It has that texture and unmistakable sense of immediacy;insistent and demanding. Iulia handles an otherwise problematic topic with great verve and no little skill.

  2. iulia

    Thank you, Louis! For a long time, now, I am thinking to write a play but that means a lot of time in front of the P.C. and my neck would not allowed-neck hernia- terrible pain!

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