The Braveheart

“NO-” was the surviving membrane’s plaintive cry !
The Aggressor unnerved by the last-ditch try—
Never before encountered defiance in any form
Now,looked incapable of inflicting further harm !

The Brute, fancying any time or place to feast,
Reveled in his reputation as the insatiable beast.
Nary any resistance—even passive—in the past…
“The saga of the feudal lust just too good to last ?”

Courage, the little spark kindled by righteous anger—
No flight of fancy this from any imaginary hangar !—
Turned the muted cry into an unassailable verbal salvo:
AND, Truth, amidst dignified silence, murmured ” BRAVO ! ”

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ( C.) SEPT, 2016. Kumaara Sukeja

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About Kumaara Sukeja

As for my bio-tidbits, had studied English Literature for my B.A ( Hons.) degree in the 70s.Dad was a writer and a journalist of repute in the vernacular media in his time. There were also others before him in the family who had celebrated works in their names in the Kanarese, the local language.I was fascinated by Ogden Nash for one for his originality. Among the literary devices, I have almost a weakness for Alliteration and Rhyme schemes also come easy to me. As one grows mellow with age—I am Sixty–I guess, Empathy is one virtue that develops in the character, naturally, after shedding a lot of flab throughout the years…Although my name is Ramesha, I prefer to write under my pen name.

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