The Boy in the Box

At last, I have my space;
My world for me to build..
Small but large enough,
My kingdom for me to build…
Miles and miles, in an arm’s length;
Untouched, untaunted-
A land of joy and peace,
With a little moor- haunted…
My dreams and hopes,
I shall hide,
In this little space;
The kingdom of a child…

No bills to pay,
No worldly worries..
No fights, no quarrels,
No blind hurries…
In here I shall live
As long as possibly can..
For a day shall come
When I walk out a man…
And then like a mule,
Burdened by all,
I shall move ahead,
Walk, run… fumble till I fall…
Blind I shall walk
In a maze unknown;
As others reap
What I had sown…
I shall watch,
Cold and numb,
As my dreams,
In piles they dump..
I shall love,
Hope and trust,
And then watch them
Trampled in the dust…

I dread that day
When I shall leave,
This little box
Where the real I live…
But for now
I won’t fret,
Coz that day ain’t here;
No… not yet…

I shall build a world
Where not a tear
Shall ever be spilled;
Where only ghosts, I fear…
Here I shall rule,
A world untaunted;
A land of joy and peace
With a little moor haunted…


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Contradictory and confusing as my thoughts, I am a Mechanical engineer working in an interior fit out firm, dreaming of one day making it as a poet and trying to learn card tricks :)

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