The Bonfire Of Divinity

The bonfire of divinity
Spreading cool warmth
In the midsummer of life
Many sits around the bliss
Of great master.
She manifests as a cool
Phenomenon in the heat
as a bonfire of comfort.

Watching millions of souls
Folks around her in the comfort
Security of her wings
Well protected from the calamities
Of day-to-day. Mundane living.

She awaits hoping her children
to enjoy both heat and cold
By lighting a bonfire of metaphysical
Until dawn arrives with all its
Splendor the cinder will last
Emitting flames of delight

With a lively hope let me
Sleep on your lap with a dream
filling my thoughts with
good hopes.

Her holiness lives as an incense,
Burns as camphor , shows
that nothingness of world.

Flaming as candle melting
to spread light and bliss
to the world.

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About Satheesan Rangorath

Hi I am from Kerala a state situated in the south western tip of the Indian subcontinent.Poetry is my passion. I think i am not a poet. I am just a man standing on the shore of poetry with respect and awe.The most beautiful poem ever created is nothing but the nature. I believe that.I scribble some words in the format of poem and i do not know if it becomes a poem.Ah my full name is Satheesan Rangorth. I am pleased to announce that I have published a collection of my poems in a book titled as SNAPSHOTS OF A FIREFLY.The book is available on line at AMAZON.COM My second collection of my poems titled "Memory Sprouts" Vol I, II, III was publidhed in 2019 that's all friends Satheesan Rangorath

4 thoughts on “The Bonfire Of Divinity

  1. amitapaul

    Paradoxical juxtaposition of heat and coldness dominates the first part of this poem which builds up slowly to a spiritual crescendo where light and darkness replace the binaries of heat and cold


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