The Bells of Shame

The bells of shame

Have made themselves seen to me

Through their dark and corrupted colour!

The bells of shame

Repulsed the angels

So much that the latter

Could not even sing odes to my love!

The bells,

Craving to celebrate the pure and the just

Made themselves heard

So loudly

That the whole cosmos shuddered in fright

At their frenzy

The whole cosmos

Except me!


Of those bells do I simply make a bundle

A bundle which I decorate with flowers

A bundle which I throw into the fires of time

So as to be forgotten



After all, the bells of shame ring not for me

Rather, they seem to me,

To be like distant dreams

Or nightmares,

Meant to be blown away with a smile!

The bells ringing for me

Are those emanating from the origin of things

Yes, there where love was decided

There where love was drowned in deep eyes

There where love clung on frantically to stoicism

Merely to melt into breathless convulsions

To impregnate in my soul

The need to be true and pure

And overwhelmed

For as long as Existence shall deem!

The bells of shame ring on still though

At the right time,

They shall catch up with the ashamed

Merely to look at their souls

And to have lies

Said out loud!

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