The beginning of the end of mind

My thoughts are louder
than your words.
They float about randomly
not letting me
truly listen to you.

These noiseless noises,
are louder than
the whispers of life,
chirps of birds,
or fragrance of flowers.

They make me a
stationary vagabond,
worrying for the future,
hurting from the past,
whisking me away
from where ‘I am’.

They suck life
out of life,
and create a pseudo world
much less potent
and lively than life
and then enslave me
in their fiction.

But now I know better
than to believe
their fleeting illusions.
The mind knows that
its time is up
and is coming back
with a vengeance.

6 thoughts on “The beginning of the end of mind

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    An engaging work that brings an unexpected lightness of touch to otherwise weighty subject matter. The line, ” and then enslave me in their fiction ” put me in mind of not entirely dissimilar work by Borges.

    EDITORIAL QUERY :- Whilst not in itself detracting from the poem as a whole, my own view is that the poem would be stronger still if the last verse were omitted and the poem end ,” with a vengeance “. What do you think ?

    1. Kamlesh Acharya Post author

      Dear Louis,

      Thanks for your generous comments and kind suggestion.
      I accept you suggestion and have removed the last paragraph.

  2. Santosh

    These noiseless noises are louder than the whispers of life….found this line great! Beautifully and competently penned. Kudos.


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