The Beauty

The Beauty … (one from a series called The Beauty)


As a hard rock of the shore-less shore
Of my heart’s fathomless ocean
Where I become the waves of my own wild love
Come again and again and hit you and wet you

At times angry at your non-responsive pose
Carrying heap of sands and flinging upon you
At times when the wind teases me about our romance
I come as a coy bride and return just kissing your feet

Yet another time when the sky pour the praising on my love for you
With all the lightning and thunder bolt pageantry
I come with wild laughter and spreading on you in such ecstasy
Dancing all along your length like a lunatic lost way

But sometimes, in a fear, that you may be angry
I withdraw even before I start

Ohh! I see you wet… wet with my anger
Wet with my shyness.. wet with my laughter
But dry when I am away.. and it makes me sad
And see you more and more clearly

I will come back with more a wilder love to you
And it goes on more and more wilder every time
All these waves are rising only for you.. exist only for you
And they fall again and again to rise again and again in such passion

Your magnet keep pulling me to you
And I drench myself in the ecstatic joy of dying at your shore every time
I am drugged with the sweetness of my own surrendering at your feet
After each time I gave myself up there, it is an ever new dawn in this heart

You be so a rock-like but I have enough water of love to keep you wet
And I shall feel wet myself by your wetness
This existential romance between us shall never be dead
For it was not born out of anything

It was meant to be so… the real beauty of existence
The most romantic connection of blissful centres
Against all odds of storms and summers
It shall be so.. forever.. forever the beauty of love


Sarala Ramkamal

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