The beautiful game

It’s just a game we know that’s true

But just the same, I’ll watch it too.

Ecstasy and agony, torture and sublime

Millions united in one moment in time

Wishing, willing,waiting for glory or defeat

90 minutes only, our players do not cheat

like knights of old, their strength untold

they do this for us all as we watch and we behold

We keep singing and cheering our boys they are hearing

Don’t give up as we lift them up

To victory at the whistle

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About God’s Girl1

Hello I write about what I know and I just try to let the words flow from my heart and soul. I have one of those minds that never switches off and because my poems are pretty simple I find the process very therapeutic and releasing for my mind too.

4 thoughts on “The beautiful game

  1. Amita Paul

    Football is religion for many people .

    This poem captures the excitement of a big match and the frenzy of the fans watching it , many , like the narrator, from the comfort of their own homes . Posted today when England faces Italy for the European cup , and just after Argentina lifted the Copa yesterday after defeating Brazil , it could be called an occasional poem , meant to commemorate the occasion in a small informal manner .

  2. Chaitali Sengupta

    Itr is a nice little poem on the game of football, expresses the poet’s sentiment, and is nice to read.


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