The bathroom heater

The bathroom heater won’t work again this winter
there the cold is matching the cold outside
In the mirror you can watch how the teeth are dancing
To sleep now when the washing machine is waltzing
Purring behind the doors
watched by a heater that does not function
I close up the cold, depressing bathroom door
Hurrying to plunge under the dreamy covers
But the knob, the metal knob hardened with all the world fires
I am left with half of knob in my hand…
The seconds pass with me staring to the indifferent nub
Oh, my god, have I have pliers?
Oh, my god! the mad man in the heater is screaming
Engaging the one hidden under my eyelids
Oh, my god, do I have a screwdriver in the house?!
Bitter is the taste of the anger
Helplessness is laughing in my face
The heater is silent
The washing machine keeps up the good work
And it is just Tuesday with her cursed hours
I am surprised to find out that I have all the tools required
A minute later a new knob reigns the bathroom door

PS: I confess: I write this verses inspired by a poet
who odes wrote to the washing machine
and, if I understood correctly, later in the poem, he divorced his mother…
Sad it is he got published still…

4 thoughts on “The bathroom heater

  1. lokesh roy

    the occasional things that inspire us to write are indeed a reflection of our poetic instinct taking hold and therefore this one from Iulia is a nice attempt….but they should be as splashed as puddles of a wayside, not a river overflowing.

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