The Autumn

The Autumn

Blossomed the yard
(My infertile heart’s)
While the delight melted on lips
Veiling melancholy behind
The doors to unfailing pleasure
Scattering glee in my heart
As the colourful flowers
Spread over and around
Amidst the Autumn

O’ the emperor of my love’s shrine
While I discerned your longing
As much as of mine

It fertilized the land despondent
Turning it into a garden cheerful
In the season of Autumn

Naheed Akhtar ©
All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “The Autumn

  1. amitapaul

    It’s quite interesting to note how Autumn, which is the end of the season of flowers and greenery in cooler climes and higher latitudes , is really the beginning of the flowering season in the tropics.


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